Tara Poky Works

Thank you for interested in Tara Poky Works. We are based in Hong Kong. We produce ultralight outdoor gear and lifestyle products with the idea of ultralight backpacking, stylish and functional designs.

About Designer and Producer

Since 2005 Tara has been backpacking and trekking around Hong Kong and China. In 2009 he founded http://www.goout.hk and started get in touch with ultralight backpacking, as a experience backpacker and a visual designer he got many ideas with ultralight gear’s designs. One day he starts to learn how to sew by his own and after few years he did many MYOG projects and familiar with outdoor materials. In the Summer of 2014 started his own designer outdoor brand, focus on U.L. backpacking gear and lifestyle products with outdoor ideas.

Find more about me at http://www.goout.hk

Tara Poky Works / Fu Studio Ltd

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