Summer HOT Sale

We had re-arrange our online store and focus on our own brands. Currently we are selling Pre Tents and Tara Poky Works products.

Summer is finally here in Hong Kong but that didn’t stop us to go to the mountains. In the meantime we are producing new tent of Pre Tents and there will be a discount SALE of the old TFS White Label: Lightrock, Coastline and Soloist. We also offering pre-order discount for Ridgeline, Bealock, Coastwing and Yoto Plus.

Current Inventory:
Lightrock (In Stock, White Label)
Coastline (In Stock, White Label)
Soloist (In Stock, White Label)
Ridgeline (Pre-Order, Pre Tents)
Bealock (Pre-Order, Pre Tents)
Coastwing (Pre-Order, Pre Tents)
Mega (In Stock, Pre Tents)

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